Fully responsive

✔ GoEasyCare can be used seamlessly on any device, automatically adjusting to fit your screen and resolution

✔ Using an iPhone or Mac, Windows, Blackberry or tablet? No problem! GoEasyCare is extremely versatile and will work across all platforms, all the time. Guaranteed

✔ With GoEasyCare you can now enjoy user friendly, App freedom for everyone!

✔ Enjoy a user interface that is so simple we guarantee training staff will be quick and painless.

Designed for community

✔ Concerned whether GoEasyCare is the right fit for you? GoEasyCare was conceived, designed and built specifically for Community Living and Community/Social Services Organizations

✔ Our dedicated team solely focuses on the needs of CL/CSS organizations just like yours and bases product direction and future development on feedback and requests from our customers

✔ We highly encourage any type of feedback from you so that we can create a product designed specifically for all of your needs

Tired of calling?

✔ Ever felt like you spend your entire work day on the phone? Let our GoEasyCare Telephony system make calls for you!

✔ Specifically designed for our customers, our telephony system will answer employee sick calls, update the schedule and call out to fill empty or dropped shifts

✔ While you are spending more of your time on the parts of your job that matter, the telephony system will call out using your Union and Business call rules specifically designed and ordered by you!

✔ Avoid grievances and settle disputes using the report feature which allows you to see all call out history completed by the telephony system

Multiple Locations?

✔ Concerned about how all of your company’s information can possibly be organized by just one system? GoEasyCare is designed to handle as many locations as you need

✔ GoEasyCare is fully dynamic so everyone, including employees will receive real time information updates. Never wait for schedule changes again!

✔ All users in your company will log on to one simple portal which is designed to display only their needed information, allowing you to easily provide a customizable user interface for your staff

✔ GoEasyCare is designed so multiple users can be utilizing the system at all times, managers can even work on the same schedule with absolutely no interference and no lost information. Now that’s easy with GoEasyCare!

Simple and powerful user interface
Built for Community Living/Social Services

We are the only scheduling solution designed for your organization

Fully responsive

Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile? No problem.

Any device, anytime!

Designed for you

GoEasyCare was designed by Community Living and Community and Social Services organizations just like yours and that's how we are going to keep it.

It's all about you!


We make the calls!

Need to fill a shift but don't feel like making a bunch of calls? Leave it to us.

GoEasyCare will call for you and even change the schedule for you. All without you lifitng a finger.

Lots of locations?

GoEasyCare was built for locations. View and schedule employees at any location from one page and only see what you need.

It doesn't get any easier!

Discover what GoEasyCare can do for you!

So easy to schedule and manage everyone, automated sick calls and call outs to fill shifts and much more.


Perfectly designed

Before we ever started developing we spent a lot of time listening to organizations like you. We asked questions, we listened to your needs, we did surveys and we discovered what you were looking for in a scheduling product. We then teamed up with organizations in your field and built GoEasyCare with their feedback every step of the way.

The result is a product that is really easy to learn and to use, a product that zeros in on what you want and saves you time so you can focus on what matters. It even makes all those phone calls to fill your empty shifts and changes the schedule to match!


Our Team

Helping build community!


Because of GoEasyCare’s dedication to Community Living and Community and Social Services organizations, we focus solely on your needs and understand the issues you face day to day.

As the Community healthcare environment evolves GoEasyCare is ready to evolve with you.

Enjoy a support team who’s friendly, experienced and willing to work with you on solving any issue or overcoming any challenge you may face with your scheduling process in the GoEasyCare system.


Our team began working with home and community care in 2003, dedicating themselves from that point to further improve the experience of community healthcare organizations.

Enjoy an experienced management team with 15 years’ experience in telephony and cloud application development.

With experience in telephony since 1998, work with a team you can trust for telephony integration.


Our sales team is dedicated to delivering a product specifically designed for Community Living and Community & Social Services environments.

At GoEasyCare we believe in meeting our customers every need to better serve you and the community as a whole.

Like to hear more about our product to find out how GoEasyCare can assist you? One of our team members would be happy to discuss how easy it is to use GoEasyCare.

Three reasons why GoEasyCare is different!

Easiest to use!

GoEasyCare is the easiest scheduling solution to use. Spend more time doing and less time learning with our intuitive user interface.

GoEasyCare Integrated Telephony!

We Automate Calling

GoEasyCare automates over 90% of all the calling required to fill vacant shifts. Calling looking for people to work shifts is very time consuming, especially when you need to follow specific organization or union rules. Let us do the work and you invest those spare hours back into more important tasks.

It's all about you!

Perfectly designed for CL/CSS

We only work with Community Living and Community and Social Services organizations like yours. We are dedicated to being the best solution for you.

GoEasyCare has many great feautres

We are always adding new features based on our customers input. Your ideas are what's important!


Powerful Statistics by Location

View powerful informaion in one place. Unfilled Shifts, Total Sick Calls, Total Overtime, Attendance Codes, Total Sick Time Taken, Next Pay Period Date, Budget vs. Actual Graph and much more.


Easy Concise Reports

GoEasyCare makes reporting easy. Produce many reports quickly and easily by Report Topic, by Location(s), by Employee(s), by date or date range.


Scheduling has never been easier or looked better

Manage Active and Master Schedules by location in one place. Rapidly build and use our schedules like a pro. How would you like to use a scheduling system that takes 30 miniutes to learn? No more confusion or excessive training times with GoEasyCare.

Alter, swap, replace and split shifts with a few clicks of the mouse. Even tell our Telephony system to fill a shift for you all from the same page.

It's all drag and drop easy and you've never seen anything like it so get excited. Your scheduling life is about to be a breeze!


Human Resources

Track all of your HR needs in GoEasyCare. Avoid putting information in multiple places and let us track Employee Profiles, Class, Seniority, Locations, Contacts and much more.

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We work very hard to keep our customers happy and to continue building GoEasyCare to meet the exact needs of your organization. No other company provides the dedicated focus we do for Community Living and Social Services organizations.

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