GoEasyCare awarded Top Healthcare Tech Solutions Provider in Canada 2023
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3.8+ Million

Shifts Scheduled

1.2+ Million

Voice, SMS and Emails

4.4+ Million

Employees Considered


Uptime Recorded

The ultimate workforce management platform

We are helping organizations manage their workforce with scheduling automation so they can focus on what matters most, their customers.

Scheduling Automation

Filling vacant shifts with our automated system will save 90% of your time previously needed to accurately fill shifts

Accessible Anywhere

Access from any device, anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s a PC, Laptop, Android or Apple device

Easy to Use

Our simple interface is designed to be used by any staff member without being an expert in computer science

Save Time

Enjoy significant time savings and reduce inaccurate data entry and false claims by recording hours electronically.

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GoEasyCare is a workforce management platform which utilizes technology to understand, follow and integrate all of your complexities and compliance parameters.

By learning the complexities of each facility and agency, we saw the need to keep the product as easy to use as possible. We then teamed up with organizations in your sector and built GoEasyCare with their feedback every step of the way.

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