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Accessible Anywhere

GoEasyCare can be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime. Whether it's a PC, Laptop, Android or Apple device.

Easy to Use

Our simple interface is designed to be used by any staff member without being an expert in computer science.

Scheduling Automation

Filling vacant shifts with our automated telephony system will save you 90% of time previously needed to accurately find the right people and make the calls and document the tasks.

Save Time & Money

Enjoy significant time savings and reduce inaccurate data entry and false claims by recording hours electronically.

Shifts Scheduled
Shifts Called Out
Employee's Registered
Uptime Recorded

Who We Are

Helping Build Community!

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GoEasyCare is a workforce management platform which utilizes technology to understand, follow and integrate all of your complexities and compliance parameters.

Before we ever started developing, we spent a lot of time listening to organizations like yours. We asked questions, we listened to your needs, we did surveys and we discovered what you were looking for in a scheduling and workforce management product.

By learning the complexities of each facility and agency, we saw the need to keep the product as easy to use as possible. We then teamed up with organizations in your sector and built GoEasyCare with their feedback every step of the way.

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Why Centralized Scheduling?

By GoEasyCare 20th April 2021

Including automation is especially important when utilizing centralized scheduling. Allowing the technology to quickly and accurately crunch the data so your collective agreements are met is time saved.

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Meditation for Performance

By GoEasyCare 18th December 2020

IS IT ALL HIPPY – HOOHAH?……..FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. You slog, you toil, you push. Whether you’re training for a Spartan race or simply doing what needs to be done at work, home, and family.

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Management toward Recovery during a Crisis

By GoEasyCare 10th July 2020

Several weeks ago we were in Survival mode with the COVID-19 announcement, then given the notice to self isolate and wear PPE / not wear PPE just to make things even more confusing. For some

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