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GoEasyCare was designed with organizations like yours in mind. We understand the complexities that come with managing payroll and schedules for a variety of facilities spread over a large area in the Country.

With this well-designed and easy to use software, those challenges fade away completely. With our fully responsive software, your entire team receives instant notifications the moment you make a schedule change. When you’re not available to take a staff member’s sick call, our telephony system answers the call for you and updates the schedule accordingly and can even call the replacement staff without you.

When you don’t have to update your payroll systems, the employee schedules, and HR criteria manually, you will have more time to deal with what really matters.

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Our Company

Listening to the concerns of the industry to make your daily tasks easier and keeping the flow of data streamlined for increased accuracy.

Our development team and implementation specialists are all working together with you in mind.

Our Mission

Helping Build Community Support Through Easy To Use Innovative Solutions!

Our solution and team is primed and ready for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) world and we’re excited to begin to develop around the availability of these new Innovative Technologies. Ask us how this will look as technology moves forward.

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