The Show Must Go On April 10, 2020 | 2 min Read

The Show Must Go On

I was listening to a podcast just the other day and the topic was about modern-day resilience compared to a time around WWII.

There was a reference of maturity and it had me thinking about my two children 14 & 13 years old. The war-time maturity was unlike today. The younger platoon members would call their superior ‘Pops” and yet he was only an average of 27 years of age and those boys were only averaging 17,18 or 19.

In today’s current situation the 27-year old’s are merely the junior positions and the senior staff are averaging 25yers experience. This isn’t meant to measure maturity but to acknowledge the fact that there are similarities between the two times just the same.


War in the trenches or behind a mask puts a certain amount of stress on a person. In times of crisis each one of us handles it differently and we must be aware of that reality. Always be alert for the signs of stress and lend a positive, supportive gesture if you can, whenever you can.


The lack of connection is a larger health factor than you’d think. We know that visitation times are opening up. However, they come with restrictive measures that make the heartfelt connection times even more challenging with the inability to touch – maintain social distancing.

Inspiration to move forward

One thing that rings a similar sound is the message produced by the famous band QUEEN – The Show Must Go On. CLICK HERE FOR THE LISTEN NOW.

We are all faced with this time of crisis, fatigue, stress, and lack of connection. These are all detractors from our health and well being. We all must hang on to a certain level of maturity and strength knowing that we will come through this time, as we put our minds together and plan for effective strategies.

We are here to help!

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Remember, as you come through and out of the trenches of this crisis and take the time to recover, you’ll have a new strength, compassion and understanding how these new parameters can be managed easily with collaboration and an innate belief that The Show Must Go On.



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